What is Black Car Service? What do you call it? Limousine or limo? Short car? A ride?

by Transport Limousine Service on March 25, 2014

Limo service

What is Black Car Service? What do you call it? Limousine or limo? Short car? A ride? Many years ago, I coined the term BLT (Black Lincoln Town Car) when referencing such a vehicle.

A BLT, as I refer to it, was and still is the industry standard for executive travel; a luxury sedan or Town Car, generally used for point-to-point and airport service. Today, black car services are no longer exclusive to the Brooks Brother’s crowd and access is just an app tap’s distance. More upscale than a taxi, dependable and easier to arrange – all for a modest price. These services have been in Chicago for about 2 years now and have expanded worldwide.

A little known secret is that some of the chauffeurs available on these app services are actually the same professional livery chauffeurs you would receive if you were to contact a private limousine service.

The difference being that not all app services have standard licensed chauffeur requirements. Generally speaking, if you are paying less than $20.00 for a fare, chances are likely that you may be riding with an unlicensed, inexperienced stranger whose insurance policy does not cover anywhere near the 1 million plus liability required by private companies.

The value-priced app services also do not have any of the mandated chauffeur licensing requirements; they do not have to pass any criminal background checks or drug testing as is mandated by the official City of Chicago licensed chauffeur courses. Most are not required to even have any geographical knowledge and no standard vehicle make, model or year requirements let alone regular inspection.

So, if you feel Bohemian and don’t mind taking the risks that come along with paying a stranger for some of these app rides, the service and the price can be better than a taxi experience. However, if you prefer the peace of mind that comes with private black car service, then you are in exactly the right place.

Transport Limousine Service, Inc. specializes in pre-reserved, private black car service. We are fully licensed by the City of Chicago and insured. Our chauffeurs have successfully completed the City of Chicago’s chauffeur training program and meet all city and state requirements. We inspect and maintain our fleet of late model vehicles on a regular basis. Our professional reservation agents and dispatchers are available by phone 24 hours a day to assist you. You can reserve online from our site with the same technology and efficiency as an app does without having to install anything directly to your device.

Go ahead, order a BLT for your next trip and arrive at your destination safely, promptly and completely satisfied.

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